Compare our Proteins


Protein Comparison Chart 

Not sure what protein powder is best suited for you? We are here to help! We have broken down all of our proteins below so you can see how they compare and decide which option is best for your lifestyle and wellness goals.

LEANFIT ORGANIC PLANT-BASED PROTEIN™ LEANFIT WHEY PROTEIN™ completegreen® Protein Whey Protein Whey Plain Protein Whey Protein Isolate
Type of Protein plant-based Whey Plant-Based Whey Whey Whey Isolate
Calories (Per Serving) 120 calories (vanilla) 130 calories 100 Calories 110 Calories (Vanilla) 110 Calories 110 Calories (Chocolate)
130 calories (chocolate) 120 Calories (Chocolate) 120 Calories (Vanilla)
Protein (Per Serving) 21g 25g  19 g 24 g 26 g 28 g
BCAAs (Per Serving) 4g (vanilla) 5.5g (vanilla)  3.4 g 5.2 g (Chocolate) 5.6 g 6.0 g (Chocolate) 
3.84g (chocolate) 5.2g (chocolate) 5.5 g (Vanilla) 6.2 g (Vanilla)
Fat (Per Serving) 2g (vanilla) 2g   0 g 1 g (Vanilla) 0.5 g 0.5 g (Vanilla)
2.5g (chocolate) 2 g (Chocolate) 1 g (Chocolate)
Fibre (Per Serving) 5g 0g  5 g 0 g (Vanilla) 0 g 0 g (Vanilla)
1 g (Chocolate)
Sugar (Per Serving) 0g  1g  1 g 1 g (Vanilla) 0 g 1 g
0 g (Chocolate)
Sweetener stevia stevia  Stevia Sucralose None Sucralose
Flavour vanilla vanilla  Vanilla Vanilla Plain Vanilla
chocolate chocolate Chocolate Chocolate
Digestive Enzymes yes yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vegan yes no  Yes No No No
Vegetarian yes yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Informed Choice Certified no yes  No Yes Yes No
Natural Flavouring yes yes  Yes Yes No Added Flavours Yes
Gluten-Free yes yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non-GMO yes yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Soy-Free yes yes  Yes No No No
Organic yes no  No No No No