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General product inquiries

Our whey and organic plant-based proteins are kosher certified! Made with vegetarian enzymes, without the use of alcohol. We had temporarily moved this certification from our label onto our product pages on our website, however in future bottles you will see that it is back on the label!

Totally understandable.

Your health is of the upmost importance.

As we are not qualified health care practitioners, we will always recommend consulting with a nutritionist or healthcare practitioner prior to use.

All of the qualified ingredients that go into our LEANFIT® products are tested for heavy metals and other contaminants, and only those that pass very high purity standards are approved and used in production. Ingredients are sourced only from trusted suppliers who consistently meet our quality standards. All LEANFIT® products are manufactured in Canada with only pure, premium-quality ingredients in a certified GMP-NSF facility registered with Health Canada.

Our manufacturing facility is a peanut-free facility.

Also, the ingredients in our protein powders are free from nuts. However there are ingredients that may contain nuts that are processed in the same facility. We do a thorough clean-up in between production runs so the chance of cross- contamination is minimal.

They sure are.

We only source ingredients that we trust.

Oops, sorry about that. Sometimes the scoop settles, and you may have to dig for it. If you are unable to find your scoop, the equivalent size of one scoop of LEANFIT® Whey Protein is 6 tablespoons, 5 tablespoons for LEANFIT® Organic Plant-Based Protein and 2 tablespoons for LEANFIT® Hydrolyzed Collagen. Cheers!

Congratulations! During this incredible time, we recommend consulting with your health practitioner to discuss what’s best for you and your little one.

Little ones will love the taste of our LEANFIT® protein powders and you’ll love the nutrition, but we recommend first consulting with your health care practitioner on what’s best for their growing bodies.

Yes! LEANFIT® Whey protein is certified through Informed Choice, which confirms that the product is free of banned substances through routine testing in its accredited U.S. lab.

Majority of our products are caffeine-free, however, our new PLANT-BASED PROTEIN & ENERGY which uses green tea as an energy source to keep you going throughout your busy day. We use 100mg of green tea which is approximately the same as 1 cup of coffee without the jitters! Bonus, you get 20g of plant-based protein & approximately 31% of your daily iron requirements in two delicious flavours, vanilla or mocha.

We sure do! All of our products are free of artificial sweeteners and stevia is a wonderful option for that added touch of natural sweetness. If stevia isn't for you, we have a new ORGANIC PLANT-BASED protein that is unflavoured, that means no sweeteners or flavours, just the protein!

How to use

Top marks for planning ahead! You can absolutely mix ahead of time however we recommend freshly shaken for the best experience. If you do decide to wait, we suggest keeping it refrigerated and consuming it within 24 hours.

LEANFIT® products are foods, so can be enjoyed at anytime you would eat meals or as a snack. They are a great source of protein as part of your diet. We recommend checking the nutritionals to ensure it has the nutrients you're looking for.

You bet! Protein pancakes, savoury dishes, baked goods and more! All our products can be added in recipes to increase the overall protein content. Check out our recipe page for some delicious ideas.  

We LOVE our proteins in different recipes and hot drinks are no exception. If you have a recipe using hot water that works for you, we encourage you to keep enjoying!

No need to take up precious fridge space, you can store your LEANFIT® protein in a cool and dry place.

You can find the expiry date and lot number on the label of every LEANFIT® product.


Whey protein is a high-quality protein powder derived from cow’s milk. Whey is one of the extracted proteins from milk during the cheese-making process, the other being casein. Of the two, whey protein is more easily digested, thus, absorbed faster by the body. Whey is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids required by the human body in amounts proportional to the body’s protein synthetic requirements.

If you have lactose sensitivities, we would suggest trying our new SPORT WHEY ISOLATES in either chocolate or vanilla as they are naturally low in lactose due to our filtration process that leaves trace amounts of lactose. If that doesn't work for you, than we have some incredible plant-based protein options as well!

Yes! We are dedicated to sourcing dairy products from suppliers who have a standard practice of primarily pasturing cows used for the collection of bovine milk. The percentage of time the cows have available to pasture may vary due to differences in climate, milk cycles and seasonal availability of acceptable pasture.

Protein foods are not equal and can vary in several ways: Taste, digestion and absorption rates, protein content, fat content, carb content and the number and quantity of essential amino acids.

Whey protein is a high-quality complete protein with rich amounts of all the essential amino acids. The biological value of whey protein is one of the highest when compared to other proteins. For example, Whey protein has a biological value of 104 compared to eggs which have a value of 100. Biological value is the measurement of protein quality that expresses how efficiently our bodies use that protein source.

Check out our product comparison page for more information about the differences in protein sources as well as our products.

It sure is! Our LEANFIT® whey products are an excellent choice for vegetarians who include dairy products in their diet. 

Yes, whey protein is soluble and easy to digest. It is quickly absorbed by the body to provide the important essential amino acids needed to nourish the muscles and other body tissues. LEANFIT® Whey products also contains enzymes to assist the body in breaking down the protein for optimum absorption.

We love stevia because it is plant-based and natural. However, if you can taste the stevia, we recommend adding a squirt of lemon juice to your shake or smoothie to balance out the sweetness. Still not a fan? No problem! We have an unflavoured version of our LEANFIT ORGANIC PLANT-BASED protein.


We are so glad you’re a fan of our previous WHEY ISOLATE™! Our updated version is now part of our LEANFIT SPORT line, and is sweetened with stevia, as a natural sweetener source.

Our LEANFIT SPORT WHEY ISOLATE™ is designed with the athlete in mind. Only using 100% whey isolate, this blend is the purest form of fast-absorbing protein to nourish your muscle recovery. It is also certified by Informed Choice and trusted by athletes.

You bet! Individuals who are sensitive to lactose find that 100% whey isolate is more gentle on their stomachs and easier to consume.


Our Organic Plant-Based Protein does not contain any animal or animal by-products.

Currently, we have this product in a vanilla and chocolate flavour, plus an unflavoured!

Yes! Although there was no overall formula change with the rebranded product, we did make a swap in an enzyme ingredient, and pea protein source from a different supplier. We will often do this to ensure we are giving our customers the most quality ingredients for the best price available. This will be a permanent change in our plant-based category. Enjoy!

We appreciate your feedback and concern about the use of nuts in in our organic plant-based product. We understand how serious of an issue this can be. All of our products remain nut-free. Hazelnut is the flavour identifier we chose to use in our vanilla plant-based protein, however the organic hazelnut flavouring used is nut-free!

Yes! Our LEANFIT® ORGANIC PLANT-BASED PROTEIN™ is USDA Organic Certified. As a brand we are constantly looking to improve our formulas and packaging to be as sustainable and organic as possible. We work with farmers that follow our rigorous ethical and quality standards.


The cows we use are sourced across North American farms!


We’re so glad you’re a fan of our HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN™

This is a great product for all around wellness from hair, skin and nails to immunity and joint support. The collagen is hydrolyzed so can be absorbed and used by your body to build more collagen.

is a premium collagen product, specifically focused on skin health and enhancing your natural beauty. COLLAGEN & BEAUTY™ contains Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides. This is a specific type of collagen that targets and stimulates fibroblast cells in the deepest layer of the skin to produce collagen.

Research has also been undertaken on Verisol, and has been shown to significantly reduce eye wrinkles in 4 weeks, as well as increase skin

Wherever possible we look to find our ingredients close to home! Our Bovine Collagen is sourced from cattle across North America and China.

We can understand it may feel overwhelming deciding
which source is best for you.

To simply put it, bovine collagen is sourced from cow hide, and marine collagen is sourced from fish skin.

Both sources have similar benefits of bone, skin, and joint health, along with other benefits.

1 serving a day is recommended! Treat this like a food source, and consume whenever necessary for an added boost.

Anytime of day that works for you!

Our collagens can be mixed with warm or cold liquid like water, or blended right into your everyday smoothie! The taste is literally
flavourless and you will receive all the benefits without even changing your routine.

A fan favourite way is to stir a
scoop a day into your morning coffee, and let the results do the talking!

LEANFIT® Hydrolyzed Collagen is Type 1 and III. We use Bovine!


We are so glad you’re a fan of our LEANFIT HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN™! LEANFIT COLLAGEN & GREENS™ contains the added benefit of 7 greens to our Type I and III bovine-sourced hydrolyzed collagen. The optimal boost in strength and antioxidant support your body needs to take on the day!

Currently, our COLLAGEN & GREENS™ is available in a delicious Tropical Mango flavour!


One convenient scoop gives your body greens, superfoods, seaweeds, fruits, veggies and herbs.

This means your body doesn’t have to breakdown a whole carrot for example, we have already done that for you!

• A nutritional upgrade for your morning smoothie with bioavailable nutrients
• Natural alternative for benefits typically from synthetic vitamins and minerals:
• Source of antioxidants to protect bodies against daily stressors
• Supports bones, teeth and collagen formation
• Supports immune function
• Supports our body's ability to utilize nutrients
• A way to get greens into anti-veggie little ones!

LEANFIT® SUPER GREENS is just that, a SUPER greens powder
with 23 superfoods, and 9 organic, real fruit & vegetable food ingredients!

In comparison, LEANFIT® PROTEIN & GREENS has 20g of protein and 4 greens to provide iron and immune support, but doesn’t contain the antioxidant benefits.

Nope. No desiccant pack!

Absolutely! LEANFIT® SUPER GREENS contains no ingredients that would impact a vegan or vegetarian nutrition choice.

At the moment, it is not certified, but it contains no animal

We source our raw materials across the globe! Each ingredient goes through supplier qualification processes and material qualification processes to ensure that raw materials are compliant to GMP standards and regulatory requirements.

We’re so glad you’re excited to try it!

We recommend a daily scoop a day, but the amount you wish to consume is based on your own unique nutritional requirements for your health and wellness.

If you are ever unsure, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.


Both products are an
excellent choice, and contain 20g protein with 0g sugar, however there are a few key differences.

LEANFIT PLANT-BASED PROTEIN & GREENS™ is a blend of 3 plant-based proteins, with 4 greens making it an easy way to add greens into your diet as well as iron – it contains the same amount of iron as 6 cups of spinach!

Our LEANFIT ORGANIC PLANT-BASED PROTEIN™ on the other hand is a blend of 5 plant-based proteins with 5g fibre and is organic.

Great question.. a desiccant pack is NOT included.

We’re so glad you asked.

Adding one scoop of LEANFIT
PLANT-BASED PROTEIN & GREENS™ has never been more convenient.

One scoop has 20g
plant-based protein: optimized blend of pea, rice and hemp protein for a complete amino acid profile, supports immunity, and has nutritional benefits from real kale, broccoli, spinach and alfalfa. Plus, this is an excellent source of iron: The equivalent of 6 cups of raw spinach, and has 0g of sugar with natural flavours!

Our products do not contain
sufficient fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to be considered a meal replacement.

To make a convenient meal, try adding into a smoothie with fruit, nut butter and a plant-based to create a convenient nutritious meal in a glass.

At the moment, it is not certified, but it contains no animal


LEANFIT PLANT-BASED PROTEIN & ENERGY™ has 100mg of caffeine from green tea to energize and enhance your delicious smoothie. We’ve also added a new flavour to the mix, Mocha!