Ashley's Small Victories for Your Skin

Ashley's Small Victories for Your Skin

Looking for a small victory this month? Overwhelmed by the number of fitness apps and influencers hailing ‘you can do it’? Me too! Like most people I’ve got a very fulltime job, two young kids (often doing online learning in the background), family obligations, life, etc, etc. I need a win where I can find it and for me, taking care of my skin is one of the simplest and more rewarding steps in my day.

When it comes to skincare, I’ll be candid, I really only started paying attention to it in my 30’s, now that I’m nearing 40 it has become an important part of my life. My skin is starting to welcome wrinkles (whether I do or not), dry spots and dullness, all in all it just needs a little more love these days.

To help manage all of this I have become slightly obsessed with a few daily routines that yes, address my skincare needs but also help me feel like I am in control of something (let’s be honest there is enough that we can’t control these days). Below are my 5 tips for daily skin care self love:

  1. Wash your face before you go to bed

Washing my face every evening has become a cherished ritual as it literally washes the day away.  The toxins, the pollution (mostly blue-light pollution these days) and any bacteria that is hanging around all circle the drain and exit my life each evening. It resets my skin and helps ensure that all the other lotions and potions I put on it for the evening have a chance to succeed and work their magic.  It is one of the best things I can do for my skin and takes only a few seconds to accomplish.

  1. Add back moisture

No matter how tired I am I always find time to add back moisture to my face with either a hydrating night lotion or if I’m up for it, a series of Vitamin C, retinol, eye-creams and whatever serum sample I have in my drawer.  To quote Hailey Bieber, I basically “look like a glazed donut“ walking out of my bathroom.

That’s about all the activity I can muster up in the evenings and then I’m off to dream world in a matter of seconds.

  1. Leanfit Collagen & Beauty as my replacement eye-cream

Clearly I’m not a ‘night-owl’ so any other skincare self love is focused on the morning hours. My morning routine consists of coffee and more coffee, but lately I’ve been including a super-power ingredient, collagen! The best non-eye cream I’ve ever used is our Leanfit Collagen & Beauty powder, truly it’s better than any of the $100+ eye creams out there and it’s only $29.99. Our collagen uses an ingredient called Verisol which has clinical studies showing reduced fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes in 4 weeks. The bonus of this collagen is not only does it help rebuild the elasticity in my skin, it also has hyaluronic acid so my hair and nails get a boost and vitamin C for immune support, bonus and a double bonus.  I jumped at the chance to try this and it’s been the biggest game changer for my skin. I just mix one scoop into my coffee (it’s flavourless and mixes instantly) so it’s the easiest start to my day. Small win with big results.

  1. Morning shower hack

Like many people, cold winter weather makes my skin goes into a reptilian inspired state of shock where I have to suddenly switch into a hyper-hydration focused routine. I may be in the beauty and wellness industry and know of all the benefits of scrubs and dry brushing but it’s just not always realistic to exfoliate multiple times throughout the week. I had to find a hack to accommodate my lifestyle but also save my skin.  In addition to using basd body wash, made with aloe-vera & green tea (hello silky hydration) my secrete is moisturizing in the shower while my skin is still damp. I lather my body in basd body lotion (with 5 different plant-based moisturizers) while my pours are open from the steam and my skin drinks in the benefits of the aloe, shea butter and coconut oils. For extra hydration I mix in a bit of body oil to my lotion, and then take on the excitement of the day.

  1. Water – if it’s good enough for JLo it’s good enough for me

This step is by no means a secrete as for years skin care professionals have been espousing the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Even the age defying superstar JLo credits some of her beauty success to drinking a minimum of 7 glasses of water a day. I try to do the same by filling up a shaker cup each morning and have put reminders in my calendar throughout the day to drink up and refill. While my bladder might take a beating, I figure if it’s good enough for JLo it’s good enough for me.

Every journey is different and there’s no one plan that will be perfect for every person but, if there are a few tips you are able to take away and apply, that’s a win we should all celebrate.


One Small Victory January

January is a time for a fresh start. A time to refocus and redefine your list of resolutions. An opportunity to open the new year up as a gift to you. The most personable version. The first chapter in the story of you.

Whether it’s trying a new recipe pinned to your Pinterest board, going for a walk to get 1000 steps on your lunch break, training to compete in your first 5k race, or making a healthy smoothie every day for breakfast, every small victory is a step to positive and sustainable change. But more importantly, appreciating yourself and inspiring your inner champion. Slow and steady, wins your race.

Join us by completing our One Small Victory a Day Journey this January and participate in 31 days of accomplishments. LEANFIT® will celebrate every step of the way, in stride with you. #ForEveryJourney

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