Bethan's Small Victory: Eating at The Table

Bethan's Small Victory: Eating at The Table

Who knew thinking of your daily small victory would be this hard. I started off totally stumped, however when I started to think deeper, I realized we all have so many small victories that we don’t even notice. Do you brush your teeth every day? Do you have a shower? Do you make yourself dinner? All these little things are small victories that we take for granted that are positive to our health and wellness.

So I started to think about recent small changes I have made that have had a positive impact. Number one, eating at the table! Sounds silly doesn’t it. How is that a victory?

I had got into a rut of eating dinner on the sofa watching TV. Wolfing it down in seconds. Anyone else feel the frustration when it takes hours to cook but eaten in 2 minutes? Last summer I moved to Whistler for 4 months, was meant to be 6 weeks, but come on, tell me anyone that would willingly leave those stunning mountains? I was living in places that had actual dining tables and I always wanted to be outside so had no time for TV. I was more interested in BBQs!

Everyday we would take it in turns to cook (my boyfriend and I) and sit down with dinner. Have an actual conversation and appreciate the meal. We also ate slower, so could gauge better how full we were, and reduce indigestion, eating while sitting up straight vs. slumped on a sofa to improve digestion.

Since moving back to Toronto, I have actively made sure to continue the practice of eating at a table together and without the TV, chatting about our day and enjoying the meal. A daily small victory!

This January, I want to try and add a few more daily victories with LEANFIT®’s campaign, and the support to keep me on track.

  1. Yoga or stretching everyday for 30 minutes
  2. Read everyday, take 15 minutes even to just read a chapter
  3. Go outside daily – I was surprised when I moved to a condo that I even had to think to do this

Small victories are subjective. They will depend on your lifestyle and what you can fit into your day, but also what you see as a victory. There is no right or wrong. Think of a small change you would like to make, and join LEANFIT® this January to support you with it.

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One Small Victory January

January is a time for a fresh start. A time to refocus and redefine your list of resolutions. An opportunity to open the new year up as a gift to you. The most personable version. The first chapter in the story of you.

Whether it’s trying a new recipe pinned to your Pinterest board, going for a walk to get 1000 steps on your lunch break, training to compete in your first 5k race, or making a healthy smoothie every day for breakfast, every small victory is a step to positive and sustainable change. But more importantly, appreciating yourself and inspiring your inner champion. Slow and steady, wins your race.

Join us by completing our One Small Victory a Day Journey this January and participate in 31 days of accomplishments. LEANFIT® will celebrate every step of the way, in stride with you. #ForEveryJourney

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