Katie’s Small Victory: Moving More

Katie’s Small Victory: Moving More

When the clock struck midnight on the first of the month, did you experience a life-changing jolt of energy that inspired you to completely re-invent yourself? Me neither.

But the fresh start to this year did prompt me to set some small, realistic goals. One of my simple intentions for 2022 can be summarized in two words: move more. Since the beginning of January, I’ve been fitting in some form of physical activity into my daily routine. On some days this looks like doing high-intensity resistance training, and on other days this looks like going for a walk (layers are a must!) or doing some light stretching.

You’ve heard it countless times before: exercise is good for you. By engaging in regular physical activity, we can experience so many benefits for our health and wellbeing. It’s no wonder so many of us make it a goal to exercise more in the New Year! Leading an active lifestyle can feel overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Rather than setting overly ambitious goals, let’s focus on everyday victories, find small ways to add more movement into our routines, and aim to form sustainable habits.

Here are 7 tips to help make your movement intentions a reality in 2022:

1. Find your why

Identify why moving more matters to you. Are you doing it for the health benefits? The mood-boosting effects? Or maybe you find exercise empowering? Determine the reasons that you want to lead an active lifestyle and come back to your why in times when you’re feeling less motivated.

 2. Define “more”

 Establish how much you’re already moving, and define what moving more means to you. Do you already exercise regularly? Awesome! If so, this might mean adding one more workout into your weekly routine, or extending your current exercise sessions by another 10 minutes. Are you new to exercise? Welcome aboard! Start by brainstorming small ways that you can realistically incorporate movement into your lifestyle, and work your way up toward meeting the physical activity guidelines. If you really want to take this to the next level, set specific goals, make a plan to exercise, and track your progress.

 3. Squeeze in small bouts of movement

 Every bit of movement counts, so fit it into your day wherever you can. Maybe you could park further from the entrance when running errands. If you work a desk job, consider breaking up your day with a few reps of your favourite exercises every hour. Or perhaps you could spend part of your lunch break following along with a short workout video. The possibilities are endless!

 4. Develop a routine

 Create a routine that works for your unique lifestyle. Whether you’re an early bird who loves starting their day with a workout, or a night owl who prefers to exercise later in the evening, do what’s best for your schedule.

 5. Honour your body

 Always listen to and respect your body’s needs. This could mean giving your body an opportunity to recover on days when your energy is low, or your muscles are sore. It also means taking on a high-intensity workout on days when you’re craving a challenge.

 6. Celebrate your wins

 Developing healthy habits is rewarding in itself – and building momentum helps feed into your motivation to show up every day. In addition to this reward, be sure to acknowledge all your accomplishments and celebrate how far you’ve come throughout your fitness journey.

 7. Do what you love

 I’ve saved the best for last… do the types of movement that you enjoy most! This will help make exercise something you look forward to. There are so many ways to exercise, and you’re sure to find something you love. If you’re looking for ways to make your routine more fun, add some variety by trying out a new activity or revisiting an activity you used to do.


This January, join LEANFIT in taking the pledge to ditch lofty resolutions, and instead take small actions every day to lead a healthier life.


One Small Victory January

January is a time for a fresh start. A time to refocus and redefine your list of resolutions. An opportunity to open the new year up as a gift to you. The most personable version. The first chapter in the story of you.

Whether it’s trying a new recipe pinned to your Pinterest board, going for a walk to get 1000 steps on your lunch break, training to compete in your first 5k race, or making a healthy smoothie every day for breakfast, every small victory is a step to positive and sustainable change. But more importantly, appreciating yourself and inspiring your inner champion. Slow and steady, wins your race.

Join us by completing our One Small Victory a Day Journey this January and participate in 31 days of accomplishments. LEANFIT® will celebrate every step of the way, in stride with you. #ForEveryJourney

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