Kayleigh's Small Victory: The Highlight Jar

Kayleigh's Small Victory: The Highlight Jar

I feel like most of us can agree that there are those days where you feel lost and down but can’t exactly pinpoint the source of these feelings.  I very much cycle up and down with eating habits, exercise habits, sleeping habits, thinking habits, all the wellbeing stuff. But I am a lifelong learner.  I thrive on new perspectives, studies, data, opinions, experiences, etc.  I allow my mind to remain open to endless possibilities, even ones I don’t personally agree with, I’m willing to listen. I pull certain tidbits from all the information that is fed to me daily and apply it to my own life, like practicing gratitude.  I can’t express what a deep and powerful concept it is and there’s even science behind the benefits of it, like increased feelings of happiness and increased self-esteem. Who doesn’t want to feel those benefits? 

For Christmas last year, a friend (my biggest cheerleader I like to say because he’s so good at reminding me that I have all the power and tools to be amazing within me already), gifted me the most simple but impactful gift - a glass jar with a pad of sticky notes in it.  The outside of the jar reads: “write one good thing that happened per week for a year starting 01/10/2021”, which was the upcoming weekend of the mid-week visit we had.  He reminded me that no matter how busy you get, how many directions you get pulled in, or how down you may feel at times, reflecting once a week on a positive experience will act as a moment of grounding and reminder that with perspective, life is pretty good.  I obviously ate this up.  I’ve tried several gratitude journals and even the ones with the prompts are unrealistic for me to write in every day.  Recording 1 positive thing 1 time a week isn’t too much to ask, it’s actually very sustainable.  I keep the jar on my desk, so every Monday morning it stares me right in the face until I reflect on the week that just passed and add a sticky note to it. The real beauty of it is that it’s just for me, I don’t have to worry about writing the wrong thing because of an audience that will judge me on.  Sometimes my gratitude stickies are so simple, but impactful enough on my week that I remembered and reflected.  Don’t underestimate perceived simple or small things, they can positively shift and shape your life.  

At the close of one jar (year) and the start of a new jar (new year), read all your sticky notes, and if you love to analyze like I do, look for patterns in topics like work vs personal, reoccurring people (& dogs!) and reminisce (likely laugh) about the things you valued.  Be mindful of what you documented and do more of what made you feel good.  If you’re looking to add another multidimensional aspect to your wellness routine, I highly recommend trying this!   

This January, I’m taking my gratitude jar to the next level by participating in LEANFIT®’s Small Victory Journey. Instead of per week, just for the month of January, I’m challenging myself to do a sticky note per day to kick off the year with 31 positives.  If this sounds like a good starting place for you to do one small thing a day to help positively shape your 2022, join me and the LEANFIT® team.  Bonus points if instead of a jar you use an empty LEANFIT® tub 😉.

One Small Victory Kick's Off January 1st!

January is a time for a fresh start. A time to refocus and redefine your list of resolutions. An opportunity to open the new year up as a gift to you. The most personable version. The first chapter in the story of you.

Whether it’s trying a new recipe pinned to your Pinterest board, going for a walk to get 1000 steps on your lunch break, training to compete in your first 5k race, or making a healthy smoothie every day for breakfast, every small victory is a step to positive and sustainable change. But more importantly, appreciating yourself and inspiring your inner champion. Slow and steady, wins your race.

Join us by completing our One Small Victory a Day Journey this January and participate in 31 days of accomplishments. LEANFIT® will celebrate every step of the way, in stride with you. #ForEveryJourney

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