Lindsea's Small Victory: Work-Life Balance

Lindsea's Small Victory: Work-Life Balance

Navigating burnout, a busy schedule, and holidays with kids (work-life balance)

PSA: Holidays give me PTSD.

Yes, the festivities are fun. Yes, things are holly, jolly and extra joyous.

But what parents also add to the list is, a new role to the CV. Not just mom, wife, friend, daughter, co-worker, household manager, or pandemic safety patrol, but Santa Claus.

The dude that steals the credit for all the work.

How on earth does one prepare for daycare/ school holidays, while navigating the day-job, while ensuring the house doesn’t look like a tornado has dropped down, while hosting family from in and out of town and preparing a Christmas morning that’s oh-so-merry for your kiddos..

Most times you don’t. It’s a lot. The preparation and the delivery is much like training for an Olympic moment.

And nobody wins, if you constantly feel lost.

The part that no one talks about is the post-holiday burnout.

The January blues are real. Parents have just gone through a hyperactive few weeks of overdrive during ‘holidays’ and are now back to the business of routine, work, and budgeting.

Which is why a small victory for myself each day is C.R.I.T.I.C.A.L.

There is no secret sauce to fix the after effectives of the holidays. However, there is the ability to slow down, while it seems like everything it speeding back up.

My non-negotiable is called Whole-30.
Not the diet.
But the wholeness of 30 minutes.

The precious time to myself I take every morning, before anyone wakes up.

I schedule and set my alarm around 5:25am. I head to the Keurig, pour my cup, toss in my LEANFIT Collagen & Beauty, open the blinds and sit down to enjoy peace & quiet. I put my phone away and I sit in the moment. Sometimes, I lay on the floor for a good stretch, others I just find solace in wiggling my toes, or brushing my hair. It’s truly a 30 minute chunk that involves me and my thoughts. If panic or anxiety creeps in, I let it go. If guilt tries to wave it’s hand that I should or could be doing something productive, I resist. There is no to-do lists, morning prep, small load of laundry, email or need to do’s. That can be saved for later. This is for me. To get to know me better.

The wholeness of 30 minutes, is productive.

You can lose yourself in all your roles. But the small victory is the ability to find yourself again. Every morning, uninterrupted.

Choose yourself, every day and be grateful you did.


One Small Victory January

January is a time for a fresh start. A time to refocus and redefine your list of resolutions. An opportunity to open the new year up as a gift to you. The most personable version. The first chapter in the story of you.

Whether it’s trying a new recipe pinned to your Pinterest board, going for a walk to get 1000 steps on your lunch break, training to compete in your first 5k race, or making a healthy smoothie every day for breakfast, every small victory is a step to positive and sustainable change. But more importantly, appreciating yourself and inspiring your inner champion. Slow and steady, wins your race.

Join us by completing our One Small Victory a Day Journey this January and participate in 31 days of accomplishments. LEANFIT® will celebrate every step of the way, in stride with you. #ForEveryJourney

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