What does hydrolyzed mean anyway?

What does hydrolyzed mean anyway?
You mix your collagen in water or coffee, and it doesn’t blend... what gives! Now you have this powder gooey substance sitting in your drink.
That is what happens when your collagen isn’t fully hydrolyzed. Hydrolysis is the process of breaking down the protein amino acids into smaller units, making it more digestible and soluble.  It literally breaks the bonds of the protein into the individual components, which in turn makes each component smaller than the whole. As a result, you get an easier to digest product, and one that is much more soluble when mixed with a liquid.
There are different levels of hydrolysis, and a partially hydrolyzed collagen is better known as gelatin, which only dissolves in hot water, and blending in coffee can hide the collagen’s level of hydrolysis.
True well hydrolyzed collagen will blend in cold water even when it isn’t mixed.
Try it and see, put a scoop of your collagen in a glass and pour cold water on it. in about 1 minute it should be all mixed with the water.
Hydrolysis is an important step in the collagen making process. It allows us to access all the beneficial peptides in the collagen and if it is fully hydrolyzed it will allow for mixing in smoothies, juice, or even water. It increases the bioavailability of the amino acids. Specifically, arginine, proline, glycine and hydroxyproline.
This is done through an enzymatic process where the enzymes used breakdown the cellular structure much like how your stomach.
When it is easier to digest and you can enjoy it in any form, your body can start enjoying all its great benefits and you can get creative in how to use it beyond coffee.
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    great article explaining hydrolysis – now could you explain isolate and what benefits there are to it? thanks !

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